From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 11/29/97

Two things:

1)  I am having a big problem with my medit file.  IT WON'T ACCEPT ANYTHING!
In this, I mean that after you select any menu choice, it tells you to enter
the appropriate argument, but then freezes when you do.  If anyone is
willing to hlep me by taking a looksy at this, mail me back so I can send
you my medit.c file (I don't want to spam everyone's mailbox with it)

2)  This is quite the newbie question.  How would I go about making a new
log file for players to put their email addresses in.  Like right after it
asks for your class, i want to prompt for a email addy and then log their
respone to a file called like pmail (no log if nothing is entered).  Is this
easy to do?

Chuck Reed

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