Locate Spell

Date: 11/30/97

   I was just wondering if the locate spell in stock circle will ever be
fixed to work how most would think it should work.  Right now, it takes
the keyword you first use, then finds the first object of that alias, and
then takes the first alias in the list of aliases of that object, whether
it be the same as the one you located or not.  For example, if you typed
c 'locate' belt, and the first item that came up was diamond belt, which
had aliases of diamond and belt, a list of diamond eq would then come up.
I haven't tested it on bpl12 yet, but I haven't seen that it was fixed in
the listing of fixes that came with bpl12.  If it isn't going to be fixed
on stock circle, then someone might want to possibly add it to the snippet
site, as people have done with the teleport spell and whatever else.  Thanks.

- Leif Bogwald

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