ch->next == ch... but not possible!

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 12/01/97

I'm having WIERD errors after I did a major upgrade of my code.

The basics of the problem is this:
the character  is being removed from the character_list, flagged
"purged", and put into another list.
A loop later on runs through character_list, and lo and behold, that
character is STILL in character_list, flagged "purged", AND points back
to itself.

I searched for EVERY occurance of "next" in the source, scanned them over
three times to make sure there was no wierd source error...
Made it log when it was marking characters "purged" and when it
encounters characters marked "purged" but it shouldn't.
Made it even make sure it was finding the character in character_list,
then ALSO making sure it wasn't finding it a second time (i.e, that it
might be in the list twice).

So its wierd... very wierd.  Im wondering, has anyone ever had a problem
of ch->next == ch, and what did you notice was causing the problem?

- Chris Jacobson

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