Re: Races, parse error

Date: 12/01/97

> Chuck Reed

 i have fixed most of the error i have been getting. i got the
snippets.tar.gz off the ftp site and have done what it said.
 i have even made a file called race.c which i have implemented into stock
code. the problem i am having now though is when it gets to the file
race.c (i have never made my own file before). I get this error when
running make:

In file included from race.c:1:
 sysdep.h:199: conflicting types for 'srandom'
/usr/include/stdlib.h:208: previous declaration of 'srandom'
 sysdep.h:200: conflicting types for 'random'
/usr/include/stblib.h:206: previous declaration of 'random'

 What can i do about this error? , i looked at the stblib.h file and was
lost :P (sorta).

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