Re: Races, parse error

From: Dr P00P (ajrye@ONE.NET)
Date: 11/30/97

> I bet if you put a /* before that function and a */ after it you will still
> have a compile error.  Your compiler received an 'int' where it wasn't
> expecting a variable or function declaration.  This could be caused by a
> missing } of the { } pair in a previous functionn.
 oh i figured the parse error out :P
it was before switch , it looked like this:

}<---had to delete this
 switch (etc..)   /* this is where it does the stat defintions of each.
   ^^^^^          /* class and race.
bottom of this code i had to add.
 }<-this was already there
}<- this is what i had to add
no but my problem now is in interpreter.c, i am getting a inplicit error
of GETPFILEPOS or something.
and another parse error after this line.

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