Re: [Aff2 Flags]

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 12/01/97

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997, Anthony Appel wrote:

>I've succesfully imped PRF2 flags and am working on aff2 & aff3.  It was
>a suggestion that is_affected() function should be changed so that
>the new aff2 and aff3 arrays will be checked.  I'm having trouble

It's not a function, it's a macro.

>finding where the is_affected() function is because grepping it under
>my linux pulls up nothing and if I grep for just affected it crashes


>Also if anyone has a better solution than changing is_affected to
>reference the new aff's swing some tips my way =p.

I'd like to change the xxx_FLAGGED() commands in the future to allow
new bitvectors to be added easier.  I've already completed the first
step of converting all the IS_SET(xxx_FLAGS()..) to what they should
be.  Perhaps in a future patchlevel if the required hack around the
limit is deemed worth fixing.

>Was also wondering if anyone has succesfully added mob2 or plr2 and
>if anything major has to be changed.

Just add the variable and make a AFF2_FLAGGED() is the easiest.

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