[CODE] Remort

From: Digital (digital@TOGETHER.NET)
Date: 03/20/98

Hello, I have been working for some time now to get remort in and have a
snag that I was wondering if anybody has an answer to. <enough babble
circle 30 bpl11 <mailer coder>

I edited structs.h and with classes added

int remort
int remort_two
int remort_three

and act.wizard.c to do_set, save to playerfile etc.

This works great if I set the class to warrior and the remort to Theif
they stay as warrior class theif remort. Now where I run into a Problem
is the skills/spells. If my Warrior that was a theif type prac he gets a
list of all the theif skills at hit level and warrior skills at his

The skills that are the same are shown twice. What I am trying to do is
make it show the complete list of skills in their remorted class and
list at level of current class.

i.e. Byron is a lvl 4 warrior that was remorted from a theif.
When he types prac he should see a list of skills for theif that go all
the way to lvl 30. <using stock lvls for ease of display.> and those
skills of a lvl 4 warrior. Now I do not mind if they can prac the old
skills but I am at a loss on how to show it :(.

I tried in spec_procs.c to add in guild

checks for get_remort(ch) != get_class(ch) && get_remort(ch) !=

etc etc etc.
I think it is in the check in spoec_procs.c but it still eludes me.


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