[CODE] Input on Dynamic God Commands (gcmd)

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 03/22/98

I have finished making god commands able to be set on or off for
all levels based upon a flag.  I have put the code in my MUD, and
have received one (1) request for the code.  I figure I might as
well contribute it to the ftp site (and George's).  The thing is
that I want it to be as easy for you to put into your MUD as

I am contemplating releasing the code on three different setups.
(1)  Stock CircleMUD....duh.
(2)  Stock CircleMUD + Oasis 1.6b....to simplify it for some.
(3)  Stock + Oasis + Aedit...  This is because aedit modifies the
     master command list and so does my patch.
(4)  olcplus.tgz on the FTP site (olcplus has oasis and a/h/t/dgedit)

Before I take the time, I would like to know if anybody would act-
ually want to use it and which one of the four above they match
most closely.  I don't want to make a patch for absolutely no


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