Offline editor

From: Leonardo Herrera (leherrer@ENTELCHILE.NET)
Date: 03/23/98

Some weeks ago I post some information about an offline editor for
windows 95. Some people looks interested in it, but I have a real pain
translating it into english, basically because the code is a mess. So, I
want to write a new editor, starting from scratch (in my editor I use
most of the CircleMUD parse functions) and using C++. I am writing some
base classes, so if anyone want to help, send me a email. I want to make
a nice editor, easy to use, but not a monster with tons of unuseful

And about the compiler to use... I don't know, MSVC could be a good
choice, but Borland C++ Builder is much more easy to use... and with the
VCL the things could be easier.

Any toughts? Anyone can understand my "bere bere"(*) english?

Leonardo Herrera L.
  "Me voy a subai, me voy a costai, me voy a tapai y
me voy a hacei tuto."
        -- Ruy

(*) Hehehe, this is a barbarian people, named like "bere bere" because
their tongue sounds like "berebereberebere" to the foreign people.

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