[DTscripts + code + theme] questions

From: C^2 (wicked@MAIL1.I1.NET)
Date: 03/23/98

Hello all,

        I am a new implementor, and I had a few questions that maybe you
can answer here for me.  The first question lies in some c coding
fundamental.  I want to add a special procedure for mobs that will allow
players to talk to them and they will tell the players what they know.
This will be another field in the mob file.  I don't see to much trouble
with this.  I was going to implement this as follows.  Add 1 field that is
the number of possible responses the mob can say.  I would call the
tresponses, and then add tresponse1 for the first possible response,
etc.  Now come the question.  I have noticed in the past certain patches
don't initialize variables for special mob procs to 0.  For example, in
the patch for multiple mob attacks, the variables att1, att2, and att3 are
never initialed to 0.  Yet, it works just fine.  Fundamentals of
programming tell me to never use an uninitialized variable.  Yet it seems
that the code says 'hey it's not initialized, we will assume it is 0'.
So, can I put in my talk spec_proc something like if tresponses != 0,
then randomly give a response, otherwise say XXX ignores you??

RECAP:  Can I use an unitialized value in a mob special field, and assume
it is 0 if it isn't specified for the mob?

        I have been checking out the DT scripts page, and it seems really
cool.  I have oasis1.6b installed currently.  I tried to install the
version of DTscripts of oasis1.6a.  I got quite a few rejections.  I don't
mind patching by hand, but I noticed that I had a .rej from my conf.h and
from my makefile.  Why are the scripts modifying these?  Aren't these
system related and not code related?  Does anyone have any suggestions on
what to do at this point.  I feel confident in patching by hand, but
modifying conf.h gives me the willies.

        My last question is regarding area standards.  My mud is
relatively new, so I wanted to make up a newbie area.  You have to to
start from the bottom :).  Anyway, I made up an area I called the Rat
Hole, and it was basically just a big den of rats.  What better thing for
newbies to kill(and all relatives of skaven need to die.. muahaha).
Anyway, I ran into the following question.  What do you do when you have a
mob(like a rat) that can't hold things such as gold coins.  If I don't put
any coins, etc in the area, then people probably won't want to go there.
If I could get the DTscripts thing installed, then I would just put some
coins on the floor, and have the rats attack anyone to tries to pick them

RECAP:  How do you handle theme problems with mobs that can't hold
items/coins?  Do you just give them stuff and assume the reward is in
their lair?

Thanks for your listening and any help in advance,
fate.cartel.org 4000

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