Re: Oasis OLC Blues

From: Too long (micron@NET.BLUEMOON.NET)
Date: 03/24/98

Well... i got the new MOBs working :P I don't know what's going on now... I think that the shop code was eddited because it didn't happen to me. Try the following obvious things:
    1) Give the MOB the object
    2) Set the rooms in zedit sgain
    3) Set the shopkeeper in zedit again
    4) If this don't work gimme the addy/port of the MUD and lemme try :)


Paul Siegel wrote:

> Ryan -
> I tried your odd sounding fix, and got an even odder result.  You reccomended:
> I had the same problem... in MEDIT.c there are two 'free'(only ones) statements.
> Remm those out leavin the IF/ENDIF(or whatever) alone :)   This is what I did -
> sory If I couldn't be more specific - but if you know what yer doing, you'll
> understand(not the reason, what to do)
>                         - Ryan Brown
> I found well over 15 free statements, but only two in between if/endif statements, being:
>         #if !defined(I_CRASH)
>         /*      free(mob_index);   */
>         /*      free(mob_proto);   */
>         #endif
> As you can see, I commented out the two free statements.  Well, this worked in that I could make new mobs with complete success.  However, after doing this the shop in the zone I was working in no longer worked.  (Ie, it wouldn't respond to list, buy, sell, etc.)  I can't even imagine how these things are related.  Any ideas?
> Paul
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