From: David Wiklund (mathrim@HEM1.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 03/24/98


 I have been thinking on changing the death in my mud as follows:

  When you die you do not leave a corpse and (as a result of that) you do
not loose your eq. But what I wan't to do is that you convert into a ghost
who can only do certain commandos. ex. who, mud (channel), whisper and the
walk commands.
And their aliases will also be disabled.

All that I have figured out (most anyway but no hard thing)

What I wonder is this... I want to add a new pos, POS_GHOST, but I started
wondering if I have to add that at the POS_DEAD place and move the others
up a bit cause now you got in some functions
"something" > POS_STANDING {

And then if I add POS_GHOST after that it really fucks thing upp...
but if I add POS_GHOST before POS_DEAD will that fuck some other thing up
or is everything written with the POS_### or are some written with numbers??

        YT 7David Wiklund
YT 7David Wiklund
"Rather punish me in various ways than force me to learn something by hand."

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