From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/24/98

> Sounds like Mediavia Cyberspace (I think that's the name). Interesting
> idea, but tons of work from the looks of things.
> > What I wonder is this... I want to add a new pos, POS_GHOST, but I started
> > wondering if I have to add that at the POS_DEAD place and move the others
> > up a bit cause now you got in some functions
> > "something" > POS_STANDING {
> Ick! Don't make it a position. What if a ghost gets bashed and set to
> POS_SITTING?!? Make it a player flag like PLR_GHOST. This will indicate
> that the player is a ghost, but won't munge the POS_XXXX settings.

        Might want to make it a plr flag.  Along time ago, I cobbled
together something called 'astral walk' which simply puts a flag on a
person.  That flag made it so no one who did not have that flag could
interact with that person. That person also couldn't see room descriptions
(The featureless expanse of the astral plane stretches in all directions),
nor people or things specifically - instead, people showed up as a colored
glow based on alignment.  Even typing 'who' only showed immorts and
people with the astral flag set. Baring area affect spells, the whole
thing took me around 15-20 minutes to set up, and that included allowing
immorts with the holylight flag to see these people.

        Just change some of the "CAN_SEE" type macros, so only ghosts
and immos can see ghosts (although ghosts could still see the world) and
disallow spell use, and it would probably take you like 5 minutes.


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