Re: [Newbie] Getting character's name for == conditional

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 03/24/98

    else if (((strcmp(argument, "testdummy")) && (GET_LEVEL(ch) ==
LVL_IMPL) &&    (strcmp(GET_NAME(vict),"testdummy")))) {
You're saying that if the argument is different testdummy and the killer is
an Implementor and
the name of the victim is different from testdummy.

else if ((!strcmp(argument, "testdummy")) && (GET_LEVEL(ch) == LVL_IMPL))
this says "if the argument was no different from testdummy, and the
character is an implementor"

At least I believe that's how it works.  I've been wrong before tho.


Has anyone used my GODset command?  I just kinda wanted to get some
input..._NONE_ as of yet.


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