Re: canteen (silly pjd)

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 03/25/98

Silly person, there is always time to look through code, or test it with a
canteen and oedit.  Because i was also curious i looked, the weight keeps going
down to zero and stops there.  it will not go negative.  So if you buy a canteen
that weighs 10 and has 80 drink units, after you drink the 1st 10 units the
weight will be zero.  but if you fill it at the fountain its weight will
increase to 80.  BIG PROBLEM though... i type pour canteen out, and its weight
went to -70  from 10... whoopsie.  Anyone else have this problem?

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Subject: Re:  ascii pfiles v2.0
Date:    3/25/98 4:24 PM

        I was curious, and don't have the time to look through the code
right now so maybe someone can answer me this...

        I know on an older circle 2.2 derivitave that canteens and other
liquid bearing containers had a wierd sort of bug - each drink subtracted
weight from the total weight of the canteen.  If you edited the canteen
and made its size smaller, the weight of a single drink would still stay
the same - you could end up with a canteen with negative weight...

        How does current day circle handle drink containers becoming
lighter as their contents lessen?


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