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From: Raven Jade Kenago (raventhorne@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 03/25/98

Good question :)

Well, the thing I decided to do first was restructure the world and
item files :) Actually the world changes are so minor they can use the
room building help almost straight up with a couple table changes. The
item structures are a lot more complex, but we have documentation on
the web and mud with the new instructions. Mobs will have a couple new
fields but nothing too extreme, we can take mobs in and patch in the
couple extra items ourselves if we have to. No big thing.

Maybe I wasn't clear, I'm rewriting a lot of the mud but I'm about
done with the structures and am moving on to a lot of other
functionality enhancements..

---Invincibill <bill@LONGBOYZ.EROLS.COM> wrote:
> just a silly question...
> if you are rewriting the code then you are probably going to rewrite a
> bunch of the "world file" structures. if you do then they will not
be able
> to build off line without some specifications from you, nor will
they be
> able to use one of the many circle world building applications out
> from personal experience, if you are going to change the mob, zone,
> object or shop structures then you should get all your changes
> done before you have even one single builder. they get very frustrated
> when you go tell them that all the work they did is not going to
work and
> they have to make changes to their areas.
> how are you going to do this?
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