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From: Raven Jade Kenago (raventhorne@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 03/25/98

After 7 years of mudding, I've seen a lot of muds come and go. And
even more muds have seen me come and go. Rather than go on a 4 page
rant about every thing about every mud I've ever played that I didn't
like, I'd rather tell you what I did like. I liked muds with detail.
Lots of it. If there was a room with an altar, I wanted to look at
that altar. And if I thought it might conceal a secret passage, woo
baby! Quick, get a group it's time to explore!

After leaving my last mud, I tried to find a new home. For naught.
Droll room descriptions, over used color and general cheesiness
awaited me. Muds with the same old equipment slots, same old races,
same old skills. Like I care how many made up races or skills you
have. Are they any good? The sad answer was not usually.

It's pretty easy to spot a "new" mud that consists of modifying a few
text entries and applying a few patch files. I have taken stock circle
code, and I have started at the bottom and I'm rebuilding the works.
I'm not adding to the structures already there, I'm rewriting the
structures so when I add what I add, nobody else will have it.

This project is still in the early stages however, and we have
opportunities to get in on the ground floor. We have room for plenty
of builders, and possibly two extra coders. My original dream was to
simply code skills and spells on a big mud where there was lots to do.
I can't have this dream now, because I have too much base level coding
to do. I am prepared to offer positions as Skillmaster and Spellmaster
of the mud to qualified individual(s).

The world will be 100% original, with flavorful rooms and mobs, to
make exploring an activity for all.
We would love as many builders as have the heart to come with us on
our project. I have not installed an OLC because of the assorted bugs
and problems therein. This means for now builders must build off line
using text editors or one of the circle editors out there.
We can teach you how to build in text files for our system, if this
task is not too daunting.

I apologize for the long letter, especially to those this does not
interest. If you are interested in being part of our project, a mud
where realism is King and anything less is unacceptable, please mail
rjkenago@hotmail.com with your applications for positions or with any
questions. Thank you.

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