Re: [Ad] Come join us!

From: Marco Paglioni (m.paglioni@ESA-GROUP.IT)
Date: 03/25/98

>>i don't understand why... but if in the write_to_output, i put an if around
>>the parse_color(txt,t), the mud crash with a core dump after some disk
>>i've tried this
>>if ((PRF_FLAGGED(t->character,PRF_TEST))
>>        new_txt = parse_color(txt,t);
>if this is cut and pasted code, you are missing a closing paren.

i see :) was not pasted.. and in the src is
if (PRF_FLAGGED(t->character,PRF_TEST))

i get no error when compiling...
but when i telnet to the machine, it make some swapping, then core dump the

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