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From: Sean Mountcastle (mountcas@PLUTO.EE.CUA.EDU)
Date: 03/25/98

> i don't understand why... but if in the write_to_output, i put an if around
> the parse_color(txt,t), the mud crash with a core dump after some disk
> swapping
> i've tried this
> if ((PRF_FLAGGED(t->character,PRF_TEST))
>         new_txt = parse_color(txt,t);

        Well, since I've been out of the game for about two years now I
may be wrong (and since I can't remember what most of the macros expand

        Does t point to a valid area in memory?  What does parse color do?
Does it delete (free) the txt (which I'm assuming is a char *)?  Could it
be using txt to expand the control characters in for color, and
over-flowing the end of the buffer?  What's the stack trace from gdb?
Which of the above two lines did is crash on, what are the values of t and
txt at that point in program execution?

        You may want to grab a copy of Bruce Perens Electric Fence, it's
free and I've found it to be more helpful than Purify or Insight/Insra
(which are both quite expensive).  EFence came with my copy of RedHat
Linux, but if you search for it you should find it quickly.

        - Sean

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