From: Blake McCorkle (abm4@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Date: 03/26/98

Ok I know that I will probably get flamed as a dumb newbie to coding for
this but here goes anyway.

I have greped to my hearts content.
I have changed my level system from 1-34 to 1-110  this went with out a
problem; however, I now have one problem that I need to fix but I can't seem
to find the variable in the code to start fixing it.  I need to increase the
MAX_HIT_POINTS that both mobs and players can have.  It appears that the
default setting is like 5000 for the players this is actually fine but not
so for the mobs.
The only other problem that I am having is with the advance command it will
only advance to level 51.   Thanks for any help that someone might be able
to give me on this issue.

Blake McCorkle
"It's not an American story. . . . it's an Irish one."

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