Re: Thrown Objects

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/27/98

>      I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on makeing a thrown object.
> Like, say greek fire.  A players throws the object, it hits or doesnt
> hit, then dissapears so it cannot be used again.  Also would like to add
> a "spread" to the object, kinda like a splash affect.  If it hits the
> mob succesfuly, then it might hit other mobs in the room, and if it
> misses, it might hit the player(s).

        There already is a patch out there (check the circle ftp site)
which does the projectile weapons - I believe that it does 3 types - sling
stones, arrows, and bolts.  If i remember right though, the act() calls
are after the mob takes damage/dies.. this is problematic since if the mob
dies and is extracted, running act() with the mob as an argument ("hits
the Evil green frog in the guts")..i'd 2x check this.

> >     Another question i had was, is it possible to make items against
> specific mobs, such as a sword +5hr verses frogs.

        Sure, if you have all the mobs typed by race, then I'm sure you
can also make it so that your object flags are only applicable vs
specific races.  Of course, I'd not say this would be minor change.

        At _worst_ case though, you could make it non-general, and just do
some specific case coding in your fight.c. Just check for vnums for your
frog mobs, and for your weapon.. well, I guess that would work then. Bleh.
That sure would suck though.
          (Ie, of course you can do it, but its not simple)


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