Re: Thrown Objects

From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 03/28/98

>        There already is a patch out there (check the circle ftp >site)
>which does the projectile weapons - I believe that it does 3 types -
>stones, arrows, and bolts.  If i remember right though, the act()
>are after the mob takes damage/dies.. this is problematic since if >the
>dies and is extracted, running act() with the mob as an argument
>the Evil green frog in the guts")..i'd 2x check this.

Hmm, didnt even think to try and change this one to be other objects,

>        Sure, if you have all the mobs typed by race, then I'm sure
>can also make it so that your object flags are only applicable vs
>specific races.  Of course, I'd not say this would be minor change.

Ok, i tried this and ended up seeing that I would have to make about a
million classes.  Works great for some zones (like the totally elf zone)
but other zones are littered with different race type mobs.  Thanx for
the input on that also, I have +3 vs Elf weapons now.  Oh well, the
builders will just have to deal i guess (=

Thanx again,

"When life and death are one, then immortality we shall reach."

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