Re: malloc error

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/28/98

> > I think it is a problem with the hardware/machine memory.  My question is
> > this, could the mud be causing this, or is it a system problem?
> I'd have to say that the malloc error means you don't have enough memory.
> Either the system can't handle your mud, or there's an error in the code
> causing you to allocate too much memory.  (For example, not deallocating it

        Or, just as likely, you've got a system administrator that knows
you run a mud, and has put you under a memory limit, or the admin is
really good, and has a limit on everyone.
        I have noticed this message popup before when I mixed memory
chip-types (different manufacturers) - I can only assume that one of them
was bad, but it was sporadic, so I never tracked it down.

        Chances are though, you've just not got enough memory.


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