From: Marco Paglioni (m.paglioni@ESA-GROUP.IT)
Date: 03/30/98

i was trying to use the regen.c patch found in the circlemud site buti have
a problem
In the readme i saw that to use regen.c i must have dg_event... i have it,
but for some odd reasons that i don't know, i have a dg_event.h file, and
the regen.c needs events.h. is not only a problem of filenames, because
regen.c needs some functions that i don't have anywhere...
the question is ? do i need an event handler <> from dg_event? if true, the
Readme is wrong... if false, i don't know how to implement regen.c

sorry for my english but this was a little tricky for me to explain

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