Re: [CODE] Who2Html.txt

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE)
Date: 03/31/98

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Patrick J. Dughi wrote:

> > I have tried to install the who2html.txt into my MUD, but it doesn't seem
> > to work. The code is the one you get from
> >
> > Has anyone tried it out and got to work? Tell me plz :)
> >
>         Never tried it, but before I waste time guessing what your problem
> could be, why don't you tell us what is the problem you're having?  Can't
> compile? Crashes? No output? What system are you running on? Do you have a
> web server?  I'll cut to the chase-
>                 We need more information to help.
>                                                 PjD

Ok. Compilation goes fine. No crashes. All works fine, except that it
won't update the file (mud.tmp, and then change it to mud.html).

We have a FreeBSD system here, and it is a Web Server as well.


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