Re: FTP Site and Snippets and Stuff

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 03/31/98

> "I found this bpl11 patch for 'exploding monkeys' but it won't patch into
> bpl12"

        I love that patch.  Prompted me to generate an invasion of
singing, replicating, etc death smurfs.

        two things:

        1) I know some people may groan, but is there any sort of built-in
limits for the amount of eq someone may hold? I visited an interesting
mud where something about weight was messed up - Just for fun, I had them
add a function which counted how much equipment people held per-character
.. it ended averaging around 250 ish, but some were as high as 4000.  I
know rent or realistic weights, and a working weight system would be
better but it would involve re-weighing all the objs on the mud (which was
my suggestion, since I wasn't going to code for them).  The only other
thing I could think of was just setting an absolute item limit.

        2) Anyone ever sit down and write spec procs for a good percentage
of those "Miscelaneous Magic Items" we all know-and-love?  Hell, I still
have yet to see a working portable hole or bag of holding, despite the
fact that it would take aproximately 5 minutes.

Would a set of these spec procs be a nice batch to whip up?


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