Re: Question about the Archipeligo code base..

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 04/01/98

Nope, sigh, i as actually looking for an example of this.  the obj is a corpse
with and action desc.  A little while later i hit apon the brain storm of
looking in fight.c for make_corpse.  I saw the line:
"The stench of the rotting corpse makes your gorge rise."
there is an object_activity like mobile_activity that is called every 10
seconds.  I was looking for the above string and hoping the originators of the
code would have it. (thought it was in the world files that weren't included in
the tgz.) archipeligo was based off of circle 2.2 with many improvements.


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Subject: Re:  Question about the Archipeligo code base..
Date:    4/1/98 1:03 PM

> in objact.c there is this hunk of code:
> if ((obj->obj_flags.type_flag == ITEM_CONTAINER)
>                  && obj->action_description && (obj->obj_flags.value[3] < 0)
>                  && !number(0,5))
>           act(obj->action_description,FALSE,ch,obj,obj,TO_CHAR);
> I know it makes that desc happen for corpses, but do you have an example
> of this usage.  I just wish i had a word file to compare some of this
> code too :(

        Forgive me because I'm slow, but what is the question you're
asking?  What this says to me is that if an object is of type
ITEM_CONTAINER, and the action_description is set, and the 3'd value is
less than 0 (probably -1), and on a 1-in-6 chance, to display the action
description for the object to the character.

        I'll assume that this is in some sort of "Look at object" or "look
at room" line, but I guess that would be hard to say in this case, since
its a different code base.

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