[CODE] item loading/limits?

From: Raven Jade Kenago (raventhorne@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 04/02/98

Okay, well, I set up some code in db.c to make it so
I could specify items in a "set" for the zonefile,
and make it so it rolls a % chance for each one to load. Simple
enough. But I got to thinking, I haven't
tested this yet, but when you specify an item limit for an item, does
it take into account all items possessed by players, or simply all in
the game at that moment in time?

I realized I may want to use the same item in many different suits,
but with the same chance of loading, and the same item limit shared
between all of the like items. If mob X Y and Z all load an onyx helm,
I'd like to make it so that the limit is 18 total owned by all players
in my mud universe. I figure I could simply move the max exist from
the zonefile to the item file, and have the database check against
that, so that isn't so big of a deal. However, I need some way to keep
track of every item that has loaded and how many exist. Does circle by
some miracle already take care of this? Or if not (I'm thinking it
doesn't, it would make my life easy if it did), anyone have a
convenient way to track how many items of a certain vnum exist in the
world on all players for purposes of checking loads?



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