Re: [CODE] item loading/limits?

From: Invincibill (bill@LONGBOYZ.EROLS.COM)
Date: 04/02/98

yes it does. its the obj_index table. there is a mob_index table as well
that keeps track of all mob prototypes and the number that currently exist
on the mud.


Son of Ra, Brother of Poseidon

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Raven Jade Kenago wrote:

> Okay, well, I set up some code in db.c to make it so
> I could specify items in a "set" for the zonefile,
> and make it so it rolls a % chance for each one to load. Simple
> enough. But I got to thinking, I haven't
> tested this yet, but when you specify an item limit for an item, does
> it take into account all items possessed by players, or simply all in
> the game at that moment in time?
> I realized I may want to use the same item in many different suits,
> but with the same chance of loading, and the same item limit shared
> between all of the like items. If mob X Y and Z all load an onyx helm,
> I'd like to make it so that the limit is 18 total owned by all players
> in my mud universe. I figure I could simply move the max exist from
> the zonefile to the item file, and have the database check against
> that, so that isn't so big of a deal. However, I need some way to keep
> track of every item that has loaded and how many exist. Does circle by
> some miracle already take care of this? Or if not (I'm thinking it
> doesn't, it would make my life easy if it did), anyone have a
> convenient way to track how many items of a certain vnum exist in the
> world on all players for purposes of checking loads?
> Thanks,
>        Raven
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