Re: Wizlist with ascii player files.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/02/98

> I have been bugged enough into creating a working wizlist.  The way i see
> fit to do it right now is to do a loop reading all players, then when a
> level equals some immortal, it does a fprintf()(maybe put it in a buf and
> center it, then fprintf).  How does that sound?  Anyways would someone
> else mind sending me either their ideas or actual autowiz.c file so i can
> look at different, maybe more efficent ways of doing it.
        Doh. Nevermind that. I didn't see the ascii player files bit.
Sorry, trying to zoom through my mail at 8 in the morning.  Hm, simple
text manipulation stuff, I'd just use perl and run it before boot-up, but
then again, I'm lazy.  Otherwise, I'd just use the existing autowiz
program, just put in hooks to load from the ascii pfiles instead of
loading through the binary one. Shouldn't take you too long - all the
functions already exist.

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