[add] builders needed and program offered

From: Rony Cooremans (rony.cooremans@VILLAGE.UUNET.BE)
Date: 04/01/98

first i am looking for builders for my mud
pls visit it and read the boards

also there are no restrictions in themes for zones

second a co imp of me has made a very handy prog
its an offline building prog for dos or windows

you ll say again one

but this one is special cause you can actually walk around in the zones =
ya made
so its a crossing between circle for dos and offline builder
and no , its not circlemud with olc compiled under dos

if anyone is interested pls mail me

Oh yes one last thing doppeltganger pls mail me
(dont spawn me for this cuase i forgot doppel's adrs)

***mistakes are human, but humanity isent a mistake****

Ice The Nuttiest Imp
of Yam Mud
yam.belgonet.be 9999

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