Re: Dynamic Boards for Windows?

From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 04/02/98

  There is a win32 API function that will pull the directory structure and place
it in a listbox.

  SendMessage(hwndList, LB_DIR, iAttr, (LPARAM) szFileSpec);

  Take a look in the files included in windows.h to see how this calls basic
C syntax to gather the directory/file information and use it in the win32 version
of the dynamic boards....

    Franco Gasperino
    Cutting Edge Communications
    (509) 444-INET

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From:   Patrick J. Dughi [SMTP:dughi@IMAXX.NET]
Sent:   Thursday, April 02, 1998 8:59 AM
Subject:        Re:   Dynamic Boards for Windows?

> I had asked George earlier about the patch that Patrick Dughi wrote for
> Dynamic Boards on OLC. It appears that this patch needs the file dirent.h,
> which is used only on *nix based systems. I was just wondering if there was
> anyone out there using a Win based MUD that had a Dynamic board type code,
> working for them? If so, could I be contacted? Or if Patrick Dughi has
> written any newer patches for a Win based system?  Any information would be
> appreciated. Much Thanks.
        Sorry - I haven't access to a working windows 95 machine with a
compiler that will work with circle mud (Ie, too lazy to set it up).  On
the other hand, I do have a wealth of information about the dirent.h
header that was included.  I included it so I could use the scandir
function.  Its only used once, and it creates a simple structure filled
with all the directory data (in this case, the board directory).  All you
really need to do is find a windows function which will get the name of
all the files in a directory, and then if the name is a number (like 1024
or 1201) run the create_new_board() function with that number as an
argument.  You may want to use readdir() which i think is on your system,
and performs a similar function.


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