Needful things?

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/02/98

        I realize that circle is a very open ended-base, and that much of
it flourishes on the fact that it _is_ so open.  However, every time I
think of a really neat expandable idea, I'm upset by the fact that there
are certain things missing from stock code... For example, without using a
patch, there's no way to differentiate damage from a fireball, from that
of a cone of cold, from that of a magic missile.  Since diku (and circle
by implication) follow the TSR defined world, I was upset to see that if I
wanted to add a "ring of fire resistance" I would have to either do some
special case coding, or take a bit of time and convert everything.

        Races too are an issue, and the general stance is "Do it
yourself".  Now, to make a sword of dragon slaying, or a trident of sea
command or something of the like, again, special case coding, or a large
re-write for a nice general version.

        Either way, the neat ideas are quashed because of their
non-portability/effort required.  I know that new features, new functions
are not the goal of the most current version of circle, so I wouldn't
expect to see it soon, but it would be nice to have something like races
(which just about every mud has - even if the players don't have the
choice, there are usually more than one type of mob race) set up in the
same manner as skills are - simply write the definition for a new one, and
slap it in.

        There are quite a few things that I don't see in stock code, but
that every mud has - of course, they all have incompatiable types.
Shouldn't it be possible to add these things in, without specifying that
one must use them? Modularize something and then proffer a default choice?
(ie. modularize races, and offer human/undifferentiated as the only choice
with stock code..functionally identical to current stock)

        Is there a way to get these 'needful' things out there?

                Discussion please..


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