George's Patches

From: Guyang Mao (gymao@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 04/02/98

I'm using Windows 95.
(Braces against the rotten fruits and vegetables.)

When I download those patches I have NO way of opening them.  I
downloaded bzip2 for the bz2 files, and every single one I download
has errors in it according to bzip2.  (should be newest version, I
got it the day before)

The tgz files don't work either, I'm using Winzip 6.3 SR-1

What is a good patching program I can get for Windows?  I'd use
gpatch21b which I got from a previous post... but it screws up my
files, writting incoherent characters into files and creating random

I've handpatched before, but after looking at the insanely large
patches for DG script and "bpl13".....

                Any help you give will be greatly appreciated!

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