Re: Needful things?

From: Malcor (digital@TOGETHER.NET)
Date: 04/03/98

R. E. Paret wrote:
> Patrick,
> However, you do have a point.  Adding races to stock is just as much
> tedium as removing it, I suppose.  So thats why I'd suggest something of a
> modular distribution.  In essence, its the same thing as patches, except
> they are already patched in. So on the web site you'd see something like
> this:
>         Download stock CircleMud 3.0
>         Download CircleMud 3.0 + (races, clans, mounts)
>         Download CircleMud 3.0 ++ (ascii pfiles, item affects)
Now I beleive that there is such a post in the circlemud ftp server, <or
there was a little while ago>
Where a certain list member d/l the code and inserted patches and
updates along with help and tidbits from the others on the list. the
file was names "patched_src". He put in a great effort and the result
was very nice it had all but OLC installed and it was not "pushy" it
allowed for expansion or removal of the patches easily.

> Etcetra.  Just stock Circle with race modules, clan modules, etc.
> Sort of, but not quite like, how LPMud has thier "libraries".

I think we should let stock Circle grow as the creator's decide to make
it grow. It is bar far the best base out there and I would hate to see
it become involved like SillyMUD. If people really want a pumped up base
patches are easy and so are the snippets, make one or ask someone to
make one and upload it.

My thoughts for a penny. <please I will pay I need them badly :)>

telnet 8000

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