Re: Needful things?

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 04/03/98

I think i see what you are saying, you want there to be race code in circle that
only has 1 race, but to add a race, all you would need to do is add a row to an
array of structs that contains min/max stats, stat bonus, hit/mana regen rate,
and an entry into a couple of constants.c arrays, and some #defines to structs.h
and utils.h.  So, until you actually used the code it would be transparent and
everyone/thing in the world would be the same race.  This would include a place
in the mob file to list races and have the race read in, and set race in OLC.

This does sound like a good idea,  Give them the race code, but no races.  the
only worry is making circle too featureful...


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Subject: Re:   Needful things?
Date:    4/2/98 5:25 PM

        Not exactly what I had envisioned.. let me take races as a case.
Right now, on stock circlemud, we have one race.  Every single mob or pc
is a member of that race, sharing the same max/mins for stats, as well as
resistances and the like.  Great.
        Lets encapsulate that into something like a structure with all
relevant values.
        Now, lets make it so that instead of using this automatic
'built-in' race, you have it use the afforementioned encapsulated
structure.  All the cases where 'race' is/willbe/hasbeen/couldbe a factor
simply point to this encapsulation. (GET_MAX_STRENGTH/MANA-REGEN/etc).

        Make life easier on the coder, yet some more, and throw this race
into an array.  Leave the rest of the array empty.

        What do you have then? You have no functional change - you still
have the same 'race' that you started with, that stock circle provides.
But you have the ability to _easily_ add to that array and define new
races - if you have the wish, the time, and the talent to do so.  It
dosen't matter whether you're sci-fi or fantasy, you still have to create
the races - this just makes it easier to make unique developments.
        Since they're all standardized, you can now make new features,
like race-specific weapons/armor, or race-specific spells/skills, and
everyone can use them.

        I see alot in circle that can be added in this way - make it
easier on the coder, and standardize the base code, without changing the
actual functionality.

        Let me sit down and write a module-type race patch one of these
days and I'll show you what I mean.


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