DG Scripts problem

From: Sar Gon (sargon@STF.ORG)
Date: 04/04/98

Okay.. i'm having a problem with a trigger i'm trying to make. basically,
I'm trying to make a pet that follows me, even when i use the goto command.
i setup the script for him, but none of these commands work. I know they
are valid trigger commands, because they are in the code, but for some
reason, he won't goto me.

6) Commands:
mtransfer oompa sargon
mgoto sargon
mgoto Sargon
mGOTO sargon
mforce sargon trans oompa
goto sargon

(the name of the mob is oompa loompa, so oompa is one of the aliases)
i'm thinking it could be that mgoto doesn't recognize goto <player>, only
mobs and objects, and rooms? thanks.


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