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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 04/04/98

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From: Chris Jacobson <fear@ATHENET.NET>
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Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 6:28 PM
Subject: Re:  lint, Ensure++, etc

>On 4/3/98 6:51 PM, Robert Sinland (rsinland@ERSKINE.POLARISTEL.NET)
>Don't let anyone fool you - you are your own worst enemy when it comes to
>coding, because you might trust your own work too much to suspect it, and
>can easily miss a simple mistake such as = being == or vice versa, since
>you are familiar with the code.  Desk checking and full warnings and
>errors helps prevent this (I should practice what I preach, some of you
>[George] might say, but hey - why NOT take advantage of compiler
>extensions when you're standardized on the target platform :-)

Have to agree on the not trusting your own work after just wasted a few
hours on a bug hunt in the wrong spot, having trusted an earlier routine to
be functioning correctly :-)

However, not taking advantage of compiler extensions and keeping your code
portable across several operating systems can be beneficial. Sometimes
different compilers will complain about things a bit differently or a
debugger from another platform can yield useful info when another debugger

Also, one day you will stop running your mud. You might get tired of it, or
be pushing up daisies. Either way someone else might happen upon it and want
to continue the project. They can curse your name or sing your praises to
all depending upon your choices today. :-)

Lessee... oh yeah.. something about circle.. this is the circle list after

Why is the checkpointing signal set to three minutes? I can't imagine a
machine that will not be able to return control in less than 30 seconds.. or
even 5. Any poor soul who manages to dig such a machine up could surely
change the value themselves.

How about changing the value in stock to something significantly less than 3

Crash-loop protection would be nice too. Something like 5 reboots in 30
minutes caues .killscript to be written.


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