max skills over 300?

From: Raven Jade Kenago (raventhorne@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 04/05/98

I'm a little bogglified, must be the hour.. I was playing with
structs, decided to set my max skills
to 400 just in case down the road I needed the room
to expand without a wipe. Well, I tried 400, 350,
and 325. All crashed the mud, the crash appears to be
in the spell_sort called by db.c, because the last
line in the syslog.CRASH was "Sorting spells and
commands" or something like that :P However, I looked at the sort and
I could discern no reason for 325 max skills crashing it. (or 350 or

However, with a max skills of 300 it compiled just
fine.. so what am I missing? :P Thanks..


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