fly snippet?? + mailing list archive

From: C^2 (wicked@MAIL1.I1.NET)
Date: 04/06/98

Hello all,

        I was wondering if anyone has a fly snippet for adding a fly spell
to the circle code base.  I as using bpl11, so that would be preferrable.
I have looked through all the articles in the mailing list archive, and
was surprised not to find one there.  I have also looked over the snippets
web page, and didn't see one there either.

        As a side note, I would really like to see the mailing list
archives from dates after march 97.  I think there is a lot of great stuff
in the mailing list archives, and believe if they were continued it would
give people a place to go for questions instead of just posting them to
the list.

Wicked 4000

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