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From: Brian (brian@IMI-BOTTLING.COM)
Date: 04/06/98

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From: Travis M. Fuller <travis@IAMERICA.NET>
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Date: Sunday, April 05, 1998 9:12 PM
Subject:  [newbie]

>Im using a portal code from the mailer list from Ground Zero
>enterprises. Im confused why the portals arent working properly. The
>portals are created fine, you can look through them and see the target,
>but when you actually enter the portal, you wind up in the void (room
>0). Ive played with the GET_OBJ_VAL numbers but havent been successful.
>Im sending the movement code where you are supposed to be able to enter
>the portal. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

The problem is not in the movement code.  The problem is the portal is not
created correctly.  The code is SUPPOSED to add a -1 as the first value (in
the object's values), and then the destination room number as the second
number.  If you take a look at the docs, he mentions you can actually make
portals as objects and use them (separate from the spell).  He goes on to
say that the values should be -1 for the first value, and the room
destination as the 2nd value.

However, I believe the original code puts the room number as the first
value, and puts a "0" for the 2nd value.  This of course, means that when
you walk through a portal, you end up in room 0.  Stat the portal after
it's created and you'll see.

I'm at work, so I don't have my code, but it was an easy fix.  Just added a
couple lines and changed a couple and portals were working great...  Then I
went on to add code to OLC to allow me to make portal objects.  E-mail me
at with the code for the portals, I'll add the
lines with comments so you can see what I am doing, and I'll e-mail it back
to you.

 - Brian

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