From: Joshua Ray (avram@GTE.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

ok i am right now suffering three nervous brake downs first of all i tryed
usin that new_levels.doc or what ever it is and i followed it best i could i
got it to compile with no erros but when  i try to advance someone to level
lets say 101-105 it allways just makes em 106 wich is the immplementer wich
only i want me to have y does it keep doing this?

My secound panic attack is trying to find some kinda code so i can get rid
of the thaco table that thing is gross heh,

And the worst one of all i am trying to add races and i try and follow that
race.txt or what ever it is but all i get is some realy funky errors is
there better instructions on how to add races?

heck guess ill go all out and make it four i am looking for scan and afk
patches codes what ever ect ect...

and one last thing i got 77 new messages and i think 68 of them were about
that quinn guy, people need to act not just sit back and comlain =)

well thanx for all of the wonderful ideas that are being sent in the mail
and keep up the good muds


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