Re: [PENTIUM] [FO OF] [redirect]

From: Christopher Avans (parka@CDC.NET)
Date: 04/07/98

On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, George wrote:

> >        I have a memory error that has haunted me for awhile. So I ran
> >pure stock circle for awhile and it also has random memory leaks on my
> >box. shrug
> Possibly, it does (as of bpl12) have some -1 array index references.
  These memory leaks are very random though and It almost has to be a
machine/port error or compiler. Like On the stock circle trial somtimes
do_look would simple crash room when it would loose the room number it was
suppose to print. Or combat would crash it when it loose who was fighting
who, and it would sometimes crash when people would eat a ration and it
forget who it was suppose to reset what counter. I would think these
funtions are preety stable under out-of-box circle

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