Re: Roleplaying ideas

From: Marco Paglioni (m.paglioni@ESA-GROUP.IT)
Date: 04/06/98

At 17.15 06/04/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>    This is an idea, and im sure it has been implimented before, but i
>have added a random birth rake to our morts.  Now this is all fine and
>dandy, but after adding this, i hit a brick wall.  What else can i
>randomaly add to our morts without having a 9 page do_score.  Also, some
>ideas the IMMs and I have come up with were totally useless.(like you
>are the 9th son)  We want it intresting but not overwelming.  Any ideas?
>good? bad? inbetween?  Anything would help, ive hit major writers block
>on this even after digging through ad&d books and other roleplaying

I have some useless-addon :)
a biography for a player, containing quests done by the player, like
"in <date> you have slayed the evil Raugas who was attempting to destroy
the city of...."
those phrases are written by IMMs, or by the autoquest system."
a player can see the biography of another player with a special command, or
going to the local library
and reading the book with the history of that player.

and (borrowed from RoleMaster), a player, when generating a new character,
may choose one or more "professions", that give him some initial
skills&equipment&spells&gold (and those profession will be in the char.

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