Roleplaying ideas

From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/06/98

Hello all,

    This is an idea, and im sure it has been implimented before, but i
have added a random birth rake to our morts.  Now this is all fine and
dandy, but after adding this, i hit a brick wall.  What else can i
randomaly add to our morts without having a 9 page do_score.  Also, some
ideas the IMMs and I have come up with were totally useless.(like you
are the 9th son)  We want it intresting but not overwelming.  Any ideas?
good? bad? inbetween?  Anything would help, ive hit major writers block
on this even after digging through ad&d books and other roleplaying

"When death and life are one, then immortality we shall reach."

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