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From: Doppleganger Software (doppsoft@TZC.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

>    This is an idea, and im sure it has been implimented before, but i
>have added a random birth rake to our morts.  Now this is all fine and
>dandy, but after adding this, i hit a brick wall.  What else can i
>randomaly add to our morts without having a 9 page do_score.  Also, some
>ideas the IMMs and I have come up with were totally useless.(like you
>are the 9th son)  We want it intresting but not overwelming.  Any ideas?
>good? bad? inbetween?  Anything would help, ive hit major writers block
>on this even after digging through ad&d books and other roleplaying

Ok...if you want a really good birth/growing up system, take a look at
Central Casting by Games Task Force.  It's available for both sci-fi and
fantasy worlds and makes remarkably well rounded characters for almost
any RP game.  I use it all the time for my characters in paper RPG's and
have even created histories for my MUD characters with it (offline of
course)  It probably has a lot more than you want (you are the 5th born
of 7 and such) but has some great stuff for affects when you were born
(all metal in the house turned to gold, wolves started howling, mother
died during childbirth, you are the child of a god/demon)  and has some
good tables for growing up.  A neat idea might be to have 2 text fileds
saved, one which shows obvious things about the character in their past
(like everyone knows that his mom died giving birth to's just
so spooky) but others are more hidden (like the old man who died at your
feet, giving you a map, telling you to guard it from THEM)

These products may be hard to find, as they are old (and I mean old in
THE EXTREME.  My copies are dated 1989) and it is doubtful if they still
even produce the product.  However, if you can find someone with them,
get them....they are great for ideas, online and off.

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