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From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

Hello again,
>those phrases are written by IMMs, or by the autoquest system."
>a player can see the biography of another player with a special
command, or
>going to the local library
>and reading the book with the history of that player.
We had something similiar to this, but or builders got lazy and "Hall of
Heros" was discontiuned.  Sad that it was.

>and (borrowed from RoleMaster), a player, when generating a new
>may choose one or more "professions", that give him some initial
>skills&equipment&spells&gold (and those profession will be in the char.

To change this thread just a wee, I was thinking along those lines, but
adding a farming skill to a social rack commoner or common land ower
always seemd like something that would probably not be used by our
players.  As it is now, forage is seldom used and i personaly like that
skill on my Ranger.

One thing i would like to point out to any newbie IMPs or Coders (newbie
coder my self but long time IMP and decent at c coding) is that although
I have implemented some of this stuff, i doesnt make mortals Roleplay.
Even giving incentives such as, if an IMM is on and "catches" you
roleplaying, you get awarded a certain ammout of xp (i use the standard
10% from d&d)  I would LOVE to force morts to roleplay, but I think it
would put a strain on the morts to IMM relationship.  Of course i could
be wrong, but i never liked playing in a MUD where the IMMs were always
over your shoulder watching what you did and punishing you for not doing
something the way they want.

Continued comments, flames, good ideas, bad ideas, ne ideas, keep em
comming (=.

Btw, for those of you who replied to my first post in this thread my
writers block is gone because of your helpful ideas.  Thanks much to you

---end rambling session---


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