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From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

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what i have done on my mud is remove all references to levels and
experience points.  there are still there but the morts dont see them.
i have found that this is pretty successful at removing that hack/slash
urge to just "level".  i have also implemented xp gain in many places for
the classes' specialties. (ie mages casting spells, clerics healing &
stuff, fighters swinging their sword, thieves stealing)  I am also going
to make it damn near impossible for people to kill monsters of any
significant level without being grouped. People will heal but VERY slowly
(sort of like in Real life), they will all be able to wield any non
magical weapon but will never hit with it except once in a great while
(unless a warrior or perhaps thief)

I have to say that I would probably NOT play your MUD.  Sounds to me
like in your efforts to make a roleplaying MUD you have taken out
much of what is good in MUD's.  Surely there can be a better balance?
And, what happens if your MUD is dead and only a couple of people
are on?  They won't be able to do much, will they?  A MUD world
should exist and be fun, even WITHOUT other players.

I apologize if Outlook has tossed a load of RTF crap at the end of this
message, but I don't have access to Eudora right now...


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