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From: claywar (claywar@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 04/07/98

> what i have done on my mud is remove all references to levels and
> experience points.  there are still there but the morts dont see them.
> i have found that this is pretty successful at removing that hack/slash
> urge to just "level".  i have also implemented xp gain in many places for
> the classes' specialties. (ie mages casting spells, clerics healing &
> stuff, fighters swinging their sword, thieves stealing)  I am also going
> to make it damn near impossible for people to kill monsters of any
> significant level without being grouped. People will heal but VERY slowly
> (sort of like in Real life), they will all be able to wield any non
> magical weapon but will never hit with it except once in a great while
> (unless a warrior or perhaps thief)

The examples you cited seem to be encouraging realism, and not RP.  I
agree that realism is part of RP, maybe even a large part, but the larger
requirement in RP environments is in fact the player.  If they don't
want to Roleplay, then you either get rid of him/her or not enforce RP.
Its a simple choice.

As for "making it damn near impossible" to kill something, I have to
totally disagree.  I always tell my builders, "USE COMMON SENSE."  A mouse
can be stepped on and killed with little to no effort at all, as opposed
to a dragon which would flambe you before you got within sword's reach.
So much I find that people rely on the consider command to tell them if
they can kill the mob.  Gee, if life only had a consider command.

On my mud I didn't just remove reference to levels, I removed levels all
out (for morts).  Yes, it does de-emphasize leveling, but not killing.  To
do that (as others have said) You must have something that rewards more,
and is easier.  Mortals from my experience are lazy.  They do not want to
think, just "beat" the game, which in many RP muds case they find out they
can't and quit.

But back to the point.  As I remember reading the DMG, this may be a
realistic game, but it is a game and the players are there expecting to
have fun while Role Playing.  This means no forcing the player to find an
outhouse every 5 minutes because he drank 8 cups of coffee.  If the
players can find a way to have fun and roleplay, then they will continue
to play.

As for professions, I remember a friend telling me that most people come
to a world to adventure, leaving their past behind.  Now yes for a
hardcore RP'er, one could spend all day talking to his shoes in a
cobbler's shop, but on the average people want a share of the action
(guess thats where the dungeons and dragons part came in to play).  I
agree though, short term jobs are a way to distribute both money and
experience, perhaps even skill?

There is a sadly outdated RP faq at the url below, if you'd like to add
anything just send it to me =)

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