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From: Invincibill (bill@LONGBOYZ.EROLS.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

Son of Ra, Brother of Poseidon

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Thomas Smith wrote:

> One thing i would like to point out to any newbie IMPs or Coders (newbie
> coder my self but long time IMP and decent at c coding) is that although
> I have implemented some of this stuff, i doesnt make mortals Roleplay.
> Even giving incentives such as, if an IMM is on and "catches" you
> roleplaying, you get awarded a certain ammout of xp (i use the standard
> 10% from d&d)  I would LOVE to force morts to roleplay, but I think it
> would put a strain on the morts to IMM relationship.  Of course i could
> be wrong, but i never liked playing in a MUD where the IMMs were always
> over your shoulder watching what you did and punishing you for not doing
> something the way they want.
> Continued comments, flames, good ideas, bad ideas, ne ideas, keep em
> comming (=.

what i have done on my mud is remove all references to levels and
experience points.  there are still there but the morts dont see them.
i have found that this is pretty successful at removing that hack/slash
urge to just "level".  i have also implemented xp gain in many places for
the classes' specialties. (ie mages casting spells, clerics healing &
stuff, fighters swinging their sword, thieves stealing)  I am also going
to make it damn near impossible for people to kill monsters of any
significant level without being grouped. People will heal but VERY slowly
(sort of like in Real life), they will all be able to wield any non
magical weapon but will never hit with it except once in a great while
(unless a warrior or perhaps thief)

on my mud we have implemented actual jobs, money is scarce and loads only
on appropriate humanoid mobs.

to boost the RP sense of the game i require that all exits have exit
descriptions (gives the morts more to look at)

we have implemented first and last names, and will eventually implement a
player history for each player

appearances and keywords are going in so they wont necessarily see John
says, 'hi.' if you have never met the dude. probably already have lots of this stuff but there's my ideas.
the lack of levels/xp has made a big difference tho. you might give that a
shot to aid your morts in their role playing search.


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